The reason that I love Real Life is because, all other youth groups I have been to judge. One even made me stand up in front of everyone else, alone, just because I wasn't a Christian. It was humiliating. They made me hate Christians. But when I came here, everyone was nice and didn't bombard me with the question. Also their lessons are actually relevant in my life. It fits the name perfectly. The music is also awesome. Most Christian groups just sing and play piano, or when they are feeling crazy they strum a guitar. Real Life is like none other and that is why I love it.

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Tuesday Challenge

Today I woke up to a perfect day. After a weekend of snow, sleet and wind it is finally sunny and beautiful. Have you ever noticed that on perfect days the people are always nicer, things get done more quickly, there is time to chill and always a general feeling of well-being in your heart?

Days like this remind me of that chapter in Job where he loses everything he has, and afterwards when he whines about it God basically says suck it up and deal with it. God reminds Job that He is a powerful and mighty Being who knows more than any human could ever know and who created our earth with every little detail inside of it. He reminds Job of forces like thunder, lightning, hail and wilderness and contrasts these with the small things we do not that even a bird cannot lay an egg without God knowing! God is aware of every detail of our lives -good and bad- and He has created everything we see with a purpose in mind.

And now for the challenge: share this perfect day with someone else! I am declaring today 'Random Act of Kindness' day. Your challenge is to find an unexpected way to show kindness to someone you don't know. Tell me what you think up and the most creative/thoughtful/unique act will win a prize at Real Life 7pm tomorrow night at New Beginnings. Love you guys!

...and the winner is Jessica Lind! congrats girl

I woke up at 3:00 am a mess and I am in my office listening to the best podcast I have ever herd "Jentezen Franklin Wake Up The Mighty Men" wow if this is why GOD woke me up at 3:00 than thank you. I am in tears right now wow!!!!!

What would this world be if all us MEN would be real MEN of god, and if the church would allow us to be the same men that were in the bible, not the weak men that the church world of today has made but the men that were, MEN OF GOD that had hearts that were touched by GOD on fire for GOD running after GOD.

What would happen if you took away all the offices and paychecks of pastors? Would they still run after GOD? Would they still serve there people, would they still run after the lost? My heart is so broke right now the tears that run on my face for the lost generation, my heart hurts so bad I want to see the lost saved.

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..awesome worship..

Wednesday Service Snapshots

What's in your backpack: relationships

"Look Sparky has a black kid!
Now Caleb can practice the Christian quality of forgiveness though, so it's all good..."

Preparing for the game....

"We can do it man!!!"

Real Thoughts: Joey Quiroz

The reason I came to Real life ministry was because I was lost and needed to find god, I was living a life of no remorse and no regret for all those I hurt, not realizing that I was living in sin. I also realized I was spitting in gods face for what he did for me.

Now Real life is the greatest thing in my life right because Real life helped me understand what god wants from me in my life and real life also helped me understand to take responsibility for the plan god has for me. Real life has also reached all of my good friends and are focusing on us the teens of Los Alamos and help bring us closer to god as well. Real life ministries have opened their personal homes for those who need a place to stay and who are in need of help.

Real life leaders don’t just become or teachers but our best friends as well and we can trust in them if we feel scared, lost, or if we feel we cant trust anyone else we know our leaders and teachers are here. I personally believe that if I didn’t find Real life I would be lost to this day and not know the great feeling and true love of god, I thank you Real life and I thank god for giving me a second chance to know who he is.

Coming to Real life is a judge free environment and a comfortable atmosphere and us teens don’t have to worry about any judgment. I can’t thank real life enough for the great things they have done for my friends and I and I hope and pray that Real life ministry reaches not only this city’s youth, but also towns and teens all over New Mexico. * Joey Quiroz*